Oktoberfest Elektroniks For Free

Well October could not get any better I have been one of the lucky 10 to be selected for the TI and Würth Elektronik LED RoadTest+ and when i applied i had a lot of ideas but i realized that if i want to be accepted for future roadtest and reviews i really need to produce clear high quality content and one of the key things for good photography and video is a well lit area. So seeing as the key focus for the road test is the  TPS92512  i thought why not set up a little area with high power LED`s illuminating the full area from all angles, first i will set up a temporary rig so i can work out all of the technical issues and because i have limited space i would like to make the final product ether collapsible into as small as possible size or make it completely portable including being battery powered for filming on the go maybe using some old laptop batteries i have laying about.

Also due to having access to the Bluetooth Low Energy Light Development Kit – CC2540TDK-LIGHT – TI Tool Folder, MSP430FR4133 LaunchPad Development Kit – MSP-EXP430FR4133 – TI Tool Folder, $200 from Farnell and free parts from  Wurth Electronik i tought about adding some multi color lighting effects and maybe purchasing some Raspberry Pi`s with cameras which will allow me to record at full 1080p and with a total of a 1000 levels of dimming using the TPS92512 i should be able to get the perfect lighting for any situation and maybe play about with dynamic lighting using the pi to control lighting levels.

To start with i am aiming for an area of about 80cm x 60cm which is the size of a foldable table that i will be able to use and i would like to use at least 2 cameras (one for top down view and one movable) but it would also be nice to have a infra red cam for alternative views of things and also set up a simple one button stop motion rig for my kids to use with their models and cutouts, the last thing that would be nice to add would be some kind of bullet time .

So there it is the main idea for this road test i have a few other things i would like to try but as always time is always a factor and I would rather build one good thing instead of 10 half finished ones and to all the other Roadtesters good luck and have fun I can`t wait to see what you all build all the best Mick

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