Big Red v2.0

Big Red 2.0 with perspex sides, MDF Spoilboard and full aluminium construction with the Y Axis linear bearings upgraded to fully supported rails.
The beginning of a quick test of the machine using a pencil to draw Sweet Dreams with a heart ether side which i plan to engrave in some perspex and side light with a few RGB LEDS.

End of test

I`ll add descriptions to the pics soon but basically the little black block is a 1.4w 445nm laser diode that can be pulse at 2w and i have added a vacuum system and the thing with the copper wire wrapped round next to the router is a small camera to help with alignment of the tool. i still need to get the aluminium plate for the front, back, part of the Y- Axis and all the parts for the Z-Axis milled but for now the Big Red has no problem cutting wood and plastic.

i am currently running the motors at 24v 4A but i have still to fit a couple of boost converts to kick the voltage up to the max the drivers can comfortably handle of 40v 4A which will help increase the speed. i have already had the Y Axis running at 3500 mm/sec which is about 137 IPM but for testing i have been running at between 500-1000 mm/sec 19-39 IPM to make sure i dont kill it with one wrong move.


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