6 Decade Resistor Substitution Box

I have finally got round to start building the rest of the tools needed for my electronics workshop. I built this Resistor Substitution Box using 6 x 12 Pole Rotary Switches, 6 x Chicken Head Knobs, 1% 1 Watt Metal Film Resistors, 2 x Banana Sockets and some old thick coax cable for connecting the switches together because of its low resistance. Total Cost £7.19 Total Resistance at 0 = 0.3 ohms all the the way up to 999,999 ohms in 1 ohm increments. I am thinking of building another one and a module to connect them together as a potential divider but i might just add a 10k ohm 10 turn potentiometer and and extra socket to the box for that function.

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